The AutoCAD & 3D MAX course will cover all the essential tools that are commonly used and you will develop a hands-on knowledge of their application. With 3D MAX you can produce professional 3D computer drawings of your ideas – projects, such as architectural, interior architecture, product design, furniture design projects etc.

  • Introduction to AutoCAD and Working with the Windows Environment
  • Basic CAD Drawing Techniques
  • Understanding Layers and Line types
  • Creating Basic Geometry
  • Annotating a Drawing with Text and Hatching
  • Drawing Accurately
  • Creating Selection Sets & Basic Editing Skills
  • Editing with Grips & Advanced Drawing Techniques
  • Dimensioning a Drawing
  • Modifying Object Characteristics
  • Using Symbols and Attributes

3D-Max Course Contents

  • Basic 3D MAX Concepts
  • Working with 3D MAX Coordinates
  • Creating Surfaced Objects
  • Solid Modeling Concepts
  • Composite Solid Models
  • Working With Solid Models