Acquire skills needed to develop database applications using DOT Net Framework and debug and build files. Learning how to build applications using window forms and other technologies without being lengthy.

Software developers, analysts, application developers, technical managers, or students interested in using Visual Basic.NET to develop database applications, and wanting to prototype, build and /or integrate Windows-based applications using Visual Basic NET.

  • DOTNET Framework and the VS.Net IDE
  • VB.net v/s VB6
  • .NET-Defined
  • Object Oriented Capabilities
  • Class and Properties
  • Threading Models
  • Creating of Windows Forms
  • VB.Net Controls, Format and User Interface Design Principles
  • File Handling in VB.net
  • Working with Server Explorer, Data Form and Data Adapter Wizard
  • User Controls and Deploying VB.Net Application
  • Web Forms and Server Controls and COM Component