We the help of Page Maker you can create documents and templates, add text into documents using various methods, apply different formatting styles to characters and paragraphs. You can also create objects using various tools, add effects to objects and Import graphics, Create a book and export it into PDF and Multi page Layout Design. PageMaker is one of the first Desktop Publishing (DTP) software introduced three decades ago.

It is a page layout application, commonly used in the Print Media, Publication Industry, Advertising, Graphic Designing and every other domain where paper printing is a common practice.

    The Basics
  • PageMaker tool box
  • PageMaker palettes
  • Menus, Icons and dialog boxes
  • The control palette
  • Page Layout
  • Creating and saving documents
  • Opening and editing documents
  • Using guides
  • Creating and using templates
  • Creating frames
  • Changing contents of frames
  • Typography
  • Modifying character attributes
  • Modifying paragraph formats
  • Importing text
  • Rules and tabs
  • Adding bullets and numbering
  • Graphics
  • Importing graphics
  • Editing and cropping images
  • Using the picture palette
  • Colour
  • The colour palette
  • Creating process, spot, tints and special colours
  • Applying fill and stroke colours
  • Changing stroke weights
  • Printing
  • Printing basic documents
Career Opportunities

Cartoon design

Graphic designing for media houses, the print and electronic media

Careers in the advertising and public relations industries as designers and visualizers

Web Designing and Development

Desktop designing for the book publishing industry

Television and motion picture editing

Video production and editing